AutoFarm3D Pro AE

$120.00 USD
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AutoFarm3D Pro AE

$120.00 USD
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AutoFarm3D™ Pro with Auto Part Ejection - 3 months unlimited printing.

Automate. Streamline. Succeed. Unlock the full potential of your 3D print farm with AutoFarm3D, designed to fully automate your operation, addressing the unique challenges faced by high-volume 3D printing operations.


Automatic Part Removal: Hands-free production is here. Allow your printers to work independently, maximizing uptime by autonomously removing completed parts and initiating new print jobs.

Central Dashboard: For farm-wide monitoring. Gain an instant overview of the entire farm's operations at a glance. Seamlessly monitor print status, pending jobs, and overall efficiency.

Job Queue with Auto-Dispatch: Queue as many prints as you'd like (there's no limit) and let them print. AutoFarm3D automatically pairs jobs with compatible printers using SmartTags™.

Order Management (Exclusive Preview): Create an order, add files, and let AutoFarm3D take it away! Get real-time order status updates as your prints go through production.

Automated queue integration: As you create orders and upload files, they are instantly added to the overall print queue, ensuring seamless flow.

Stats and Analytics Dashboard: Dive into your operations with production analytics to understand trends, bottlenecks, and opportunities to make informed decisions.

File Management: Centralized file storage (no limits) and management lets you organize, view, and manage all your print files in one location. Quickly choose the right file using gcode previews and version control.

Single Printer View: Dive deep into individual printer operations, from print status to printer settings. Access live AI failure detection camera view and set sensitivity levels.

Job History: Easily track job completion and access details of all past print jobs in one place.

      The Solution to Your Printing Woes

      Every feature in our software is engineered keeping YOU in mind. Whether you're a small business looking to get a leg up, a high-volume operation aiming to streamline, or a university lab aiming for organized efficiency, our software is the backbone you need. Dive into a world where order tracking isn't a full-time job, and where each new print job doesn't mean additional stress.

      System Requirements

      1. Microcontroller - Your printer needs more computing power to handle automation. We recommend the Raspberry Pi 4 2GB or Quinly Wireless Hub

      2. Marlin 2 firmware is required for reliable USB communication with AutoFarm3D. Many printers come with Marlin 2 by default, but some don't, especially older 3D printers. Check the "about printer" section on your 3D printer's LCD/screen. Please contact 3DQue support if you need help checking or updating firmware.

      For full system requirements please see our docs.