Print Farm Hub - Raspberry Pi 4 2GB Alternative

$169.00 USD
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Print Farm Hub - Raspberry Pi 4 2GB Alternative

$169.00 USD
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Print Farm Hub (Raspberry Pi Alternative)


  • 1x 2GB Print Farm Hub (Rock64) 
  • 1x Rock64 Power Supply
  • 1x Protective enclosure
  • 1x Cooling fan
  • 1x 32 GB SD card preloaded with AutoFarm3D software
  • 10' Ethernet Cable

Auto - Ejection Kits

Looking for auto-ejection? Auto-ejection kits and VAAPR™ beds are available for purchase for upon request! Please send us email at to place your order today.

No Raspberry Pi? No Problem

The capabilities of 3D printer software have grown, and requires lots of computing power to integrate calibration tools, store files, run machine-vision failure detection while sending gcode and gathering the data required to seamlessly run your printer or print farm.

The Print Farm Hub runs AutoFarm3D farm management software, and is the perfect solution if you don't have a Raspberry Pi, or you want plug & play installation.

Plug & Play Multi-Printer Support

Connect multiple 3D printers and webcams to a single hub! Depending on your setup, you can connect up to 2 printers and 2 webcams to one hub! See our documentation for details.

Connect Multiple Print Farm Hubs Together

Connect multiple hubs together with just a few clicks! Easily centralize your farm with 3DQue's no-code networking system. No command-line setup. No coding. No networking experience of any kind required.

AutoFarm3D Software

Print Farm Hub comes pre-installed with AutoFarm3D print farm automation software, making installation as easy as possible. Check out AutoFarm3D here

Note: Marlin 2 firmware is required for reliable USB communication with AutoFarm3D. Many printers come with Marlin 2 by default, but some don't, especially older 3D printers. Check the "about printer" section on your 3D printer's LCD/screen. Please contact 3DQue support if you need help checking or updating firmware.