Quinly Wireless Hub - Raspberry Pi 4 2GB Alternative

$169.00 USD
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Quinly Wireless Hub - Raspberry Pi 4 2GB Alternative

$169.00 USD
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Most 3D printers do not have enough computing power for full automation. Quinly Wireless Hub can store your files, run your Quinly automation software, and host a web or pi cam.

The capabilities of 3D printer software are growing, requiring lots of computing power to integrate calibration tools, store print files and data, run machine-vision failure detection while sending gcode and gathering the data required to seamlessly run your printer or print farm.

Easy Installation

  1. Connect to wifi or ethernet (see instructions in manual).
  2. Connect to your printer with a USB cable.
  3. Connect power-- You’re ready to go!

What's in the Box?

Quinly Wireless Hub includes:

  • 1x 2 GB Rock64 Microcontroller
  • 1x 32GB Class 10 Micro SD Card
  • 1x Power Supply Cable
  • 1x USB Wifi Adapter
  • 1x 40x40mm Cooling Fan
  • 1x Customized Dual-Color Enclosure ready for mounting


Email support and live chat in the Discord community.

Rock64 documentation can be found here

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Caution: printers and printer software have elements that can pose a fire hazard. Ensure that you follow all safety precautions including not leaving your printer unattended without proper security measures.

This content is updated as of Jan. 15, 2022