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Pi Kit for QUINLY

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Pi Kit for QUINLY

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What is the Pi Kit for Quinly?

Quinly is an upgrade for Ender 3, Ender 3 Pro, and Ender 3 V2 printers that allows users to upload multiple print jobs from their computer, phone or tablet and Quinly will schedule jobs, run prints, and remove parts without you having to touch the printer.

Your Ender 3 does not have the computing power to store an entire print queue (needed to schedule jobs), run software or connect wirelessly to your devices. The 2GB Raspberry Pi 4 is a credit card-sized computer that can run Quinly, store files and provide wireless connectivity to your Ender 3.

The Pi Kit for Quinly provides you with a plug-and-play solution for installing the Pi on your Ender 3 series printer. Everything from a Raspberry Pi preloaded with Quinly software to the SD card, cables and enclosure are all in one place.

Who’s it for?

The kit is for those who have not installed a Raspberry Pi 4 on the Ender 3 and who want a plug-and-play solution rather than having to source Pi, cables, SD card, fans and fasteners.

The Pi Kit for Quinly gives enables end-to-end automation in 3 simple steps:

  1. Mount the Pi on your printer
  2. Protect it with the enclosure provided, and
  3. Following the step-by-step instruction and using the cables included in the kit, find the wifi address of your Pi

You are ready to run your printer from any device on the same wireless network. Want full remote access from another wireless network or from outside your home, office or lab? Simply install a VPN on your device and you can run your printers from anywhere.  

What's In the Box?

The Pi Kit for Quinly contains all hardware that you will need to connect your printer to the Quinly.

  1. 2GB Raspberry Pi 4 Model B
  2. Raspberry Pi power supply
  3. 16GB micro SD card with Quinly software pre-loaded
  4. Raspberry Pi enclosure, fan and fasteners
  5. USB Mini to USB-A (connect RPi to printer)
  6. USB Micro to USB-A (connect RPi to printer, 32bit)

Key Features:

The Pi Kit for Quinly is the simplest way to load Quinly software and have wireless access to your printer. The preconfigured Pi is ready to plug and play.

  • Pre-Loaded with Quinly software
    • Easy set-up, just connect to your wifi, plug it in and it’s ready to go
    • The SD Card and Pi transfers and stores files on the printer and enables operation of your print queue
  • Protects the integrity of your print queue
    • The enclosure protects your Pi from general wear and tear, jostles and bumps so your prints continue uninterrupted
  • Fan Cooling System
    • RPi’s can get overheated when in the necessary enclosure. The cooling system ensures your RPi operates at optimal performance levels
  • Enables Remote Access
    • With the use of a VPN, the printer and management software can be accessed remotely

Caution: printers and printer software have elements that can pose a fire hazard. Ensure that you follow all safety precautions including not leaving your printer unattended without proper security measures.

Looking to Order Quinly in Bulk?

Please contact us! We provide discount pricing and improved shipping rates for bulk orders (over 5+ units).

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