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Quinly for Sidewinder X1/X2 Automation for Printers & Farms

$349.00 USD
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Quinly for Sidewinder X1/X2 Automation for Printers & Farms

$349.00 USD
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One-Step Printing

STEP 1: Load your prints into the queue.

Quinly does the rest.

Quinly runs your Sidewinder* delivering print after print until the entire queue is empty.
* Compatible with Artillery Sidewinder X1 and X2

No more running to the printer. The Quinly Dashboard provides real time status updates, live stream feed, 7-day print file history, and alerts. You can add, move, or cancel prints from the queue right from your desktop.Quinly is like having an assistant around the clock to clear the bed, start prints, collect data, monitor the printer, and respond to hardware failures.

Proven technology for your Sidewinder X1 or X2. The only end-to-end automation solution driving printers and farms in over 20 countries since 2020.

Plug & Play Easy Install (30 Minutes)

1. Install VAAPR Print Bed (5 minutes)
At the core of Quinly automation is the VAAPR print bed. The first surface for 3D printers offering reliable variable adhesion with a lifetime guarantee. Strong adhesion when it's hot (8kg) and low adhesion when it’s cold (15g). Eco friendly: No adhesives or sovlents, VAAPR print bed is easily cleaned with a few drops of soap and damp cloth.

2. Install Tilt Frame and Part Guidance Panels
At 3DQue, we look for solutions that are reliable and sustainable. That's why we use gravity for part release. Never breaks down. Never wears out.

3. Plug and Play Software (Stock Firmware, Stock GCode)
Quinly for Sidewinder requires no new gcode, no custom firmware or prior Raspberry Pi experience. Quinly software detects your Prusa and auto-configures itself behind the scenes.

What's in the Box?

Quinly for Sidewinder includes:

  • Tilt frame (20°)
  • Part release guides
  • 310x310 mm VAAPRTM Print Bed with adhesive
  • Fasteners
  • Online manual and helpful instructional videos
  • Quinly software activation key for unlimited use of Quinly basic software

*Artillery Sidewinder not included. Quinly is constantly evolving, the kit will appear slightly different than pictured above.

Additional Materials Required

  • Sidewinder X1/X2
  • Laptop or desktop computer
  • 2GB (minimum) Raspberry Pi (If you don't have one already, source one near you here)
  • 5V power supply + cable for Pi (3 Amps minimum)
  • USB A to B cable
  • 16GB microSD card and USB SD card reader

Basic Quinly Software Features


  • Printer status
  • Current job status
  • 7-day job history
  • Print time prediction
  • Video feed (local network)
  • Gcode sending console
  • Manual temperature change      


  • Printer uptime
  • Printer utilization

Job Management

  • Unlimited print queue
  • Automated dispatch
  • Bed leveling
  • Pause, abort, suspend
  • File management

Network Access

  • Local WiFi


  • Discord community for live chat & help
  • Online resources
  • Email support

Shipping & Returns

  • Free shipping in North America for orders over $150
  • Flat rate applies outside North America for all orders
  • Guaranteed against damage to product before opening package
  • Full refund details here

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Caution: printers and printer software have elements that can pose a fire hazard. Ensure that you follow all safety precautions including not leaving your printer unattended without proper security measures.

This content is updated as of April 2, 2022.