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Quinly for Voxelab Aquila Automation for Printers & Farms

$229.00 USD
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Quinly for Voxelab Aquila Automation for Printers & Farms

$229.00 USD
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Introducing Quinly for Aquila - the reliable, efficient printer automation system for 24/7 high-volume printing. Quinly turns your current Aquila into a continuous 3D printer that schedules and runs jobs, and removes parts on its own.

Quinly for Aquila supports most common mods, such as BL-touch, hotend upgrades, extruder upgrades, most motherboard upgrades, and DIY bed-cooling fans.

Assembled Dimensions for Aquila: 50cm Deep x 68cm Wide* x 51cm Tall (~20in D x 19in W* x 27in T) * Dimensions for the width include a 1kg spool attached; without the spool & holder, the width is 48cm (19 in).

What's in the Box?

Quinly is constantly evolving, the kit will appear slightly different than pictured above. The Quinly Kit for Aquila includes:

  • Tilt frame
  • VAAPRTM print bed
  • Part release guides
  • Side mount spool holder adapter
  • LCD mount adapter
  • Fasteners
  • Online manual and helpful instructional videos
  • Quinly software activation key for unlimited use of Quinly basic software

Raspberry Pi Alternative


USB type: Micro

Quinly Wireless Hub is the platform designed to run your Quinly. The power of Quinly lies in reliable, plug-and-play automation software that automatically detects your 3D printer, and selects a profile that has been specifically tuned for your hardware.

The capabilities of Quinly are growing, requiring lots of computing power to integrate calibration tools, store print files and data, run machine-vision failure detection while sending gcode and gathering the data required to seamlessly run your printer or print farm.

Easy Installation

Connect to wifi (see instructions in manual). Insert SD card and install fan onto the Quinly Wireless Hub. Place the hub into the protective enclosure. Connect to your printer with cables provided. Connect power. You’re ready to go.

What's in the Box?

The Quinly Wireless Hub is preloaded with Quinly software and includes all of the computing power you need to run your Quinly automation system, including a custom-designed enclosure with cooling fan for optimal running. Quinly Wireless Hub includes:

  • 1x 2 GB Rock64 Microcontroller
  • 1x 32GB Micro SD Card
  • 1x Power Supply Cable
  • 1x USB Wifi Adapter
  • 1x USB B Cable
  • 1x USB Mini Cable
  • 1x USB Micro Cable
  • 1x 40x40mm Pi Fan
  • 1x Customized Dual-Color Enclosure

Additional Materials Required

  • Aquila
  • Laptop or desktop computer
  • 2GB (minimum) Raspberry Pi 4
    • If you don't have one already, source one near you here 
  • 5V power supply + cable for Pi (3 Amps minimum)
  • USB cable
  • 16GB microSD card and USB SD card reader

Basic Quinly Software Features

  • Dashboard
      • Printer status
      • Current job status
      • 7-day job history
      • Print time prediction
      • Video feed (local network)
      • Gcode sending console
      • Manual temperature change      
  • Reporting
      • Printer uptime
      • Printer utilization
  • Job Management
      • Unlimited print queue
      • Automated dispatch
      • Bed leveling
      • Pause, abort, suspend
      • File management
  • Network Access
      • Local WiFi
  • Compatible Mods
      • BL-touch
      • Hotend upgrades
      • Extruder upgrades
      • SKR motherboards
      • DIY bed cooling fans
      • Many more!
  • Support
    • Discord community for live troubleshooting help
    • Online resources
    • Email support

Shipping & Returns

  • Free shipping in North America for orders over $150
  • Flat rate applies outside North America for all orders
  • Guaranteed against damage to product before opening package

Full refund details here

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Caution: printers and printer software have elements that can pose a fire hazard. Ensure that you follow all safety precautions including not leaving your printer unattended without proper security measures.

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