AutoFarm3D Flexible Hour Packs

$97.00 USD
| /

AutoFarm3D Flexible Hour Packs

$97.00 USD
| /

For the most flexibility. Use any time for any printer!

With an hourly rate, the amount you pay for automation scales fairly with the amount you print. This way, farms with variable schedules and a fluctuating number of printers can benefit from automation.

CYBER MONDAY DEALS (save up to 64%)

  • 1,000 hours - $97 (9.7¢ per hour)
  • 2,500 hours - $239 (9.6¢ per hour)
  • 10,000 hours - $897 (9.0¢ per hour)

Standard hourly rates 25¢ per hour

How do hours work for automation?

  • Hours are used by any printers that are actively printing.
  • If hours run out mid-print, the print will still finish (will not pause or cancel).
  • Purchased hours carry over month-to-month and never expire.
  • Automation hours can be used with any AutoFarm3D Command Centre.
  • Hours can be combined with unlimited monthly automation plans!

The fine print

This offer is a one-time payment with no recurring costs.

Purchase with the same email as your Quinly account for the hours to be automatically applied. If purchasing with a different email, or the hours don't appear, please contact us and we'll manually apply them to your account.