AutoFarm3D (Monthly)

$39.99 USD
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AutoFarm3D (Monthly)

$39.99 USD
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Connect up to 25 printers to AutoFarm3D™ farm software. Get access to bonus rate plans, unlimited printing, and 50 free automation hours per month.

Secure Access & Auto Updates

Secure remote access for print management and automated, wireless Quinly software updates. Start, cancel and clear prints from anywhere. Tunnel directly to a live feed of your farm. Eliminates need for SD cards and USB sticks.

Multi Printer Control

Run many printers from a single Pi or Quinly Wireless Hub. Don't worry about finding more Raspberry Pis! We've got you covered.

QPID - Quinly Unique Printer ID

You'll love this! Never lose track of your printer Quinly uniquely identifies every printer you connect to your farm, automatically. This means if you remove it for maintenence, connect it to a different Hub, or even ship it to a warehouse off-site, that printer's history and settings will be tracked.

Dynamic Central Queue

One-click submission of multi-print jobs and multi-job orders. Notification by job or order includes all items and the printers each one is on. Orders are automatically dispatched to printers based on filament, print area, printer model, and other properties. Estimate order fulfilment time based on recent farm performance.

Digital Warehouse

Central shared storage for all gcode files used on the farm. Folders provide easy management. Integration with dynamic slicing minimizes file preparation and duplication.

Material Library

Stores custom profiles for each brand, material, and colour of filament used on the farm. Integrates with dynamic slicing to apply profile to standard gcode file.

Dynamic Profile Settings

Automatically adjust settings when changing color/material. Users only have to prepare one standard gcode file. Create gcode-adjustment profiles for each new material including temperature, flow, and speed modifiers.

Farm Health & Analytics

Productivity and efficiency analysis including identification of most and least productive printers with data on printer downtime, maintenance frequency, and print job failures. Tracking and reporting long-term trends indicating overall farm performance.

Cross Platform Compatibility

What Chip Shortage? The purpose of this is to eliminate dependence on Raspberry Pi and Rock64 microcontrollers by making software compatible with other microcontrollers, Linux devices, PC's, phones, and more. Harvest a chip from an old washing machine, I need to run more printers on Quinly!