AutoFarm3D Command Centre (Maximum 25 printers)

$40.00 USD
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AutoFarm3D Command Centre (Maximum 25 printers)

$40.00 USD
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AutoFarm3D™ Command Centre provides all the tools you need to control your print farm from one place for one low monthly fee. 

Instant Farm Updates with multiple live feeds and real-time printer status.

Easy to Use with no coding and all printers connected through one easy Beacon IP address.

Unlimited Printers and cameras all in one place, no more toggling between tabs!

Unique Farm Structure treats your print farm as one entity instead of a collection of individual printers. Includes central file management and queuing, bulk file management and queuing, and farmwide productivity reporting.

SmartTags™ with  Auto Dispatch eliminates SD cards, USB sticks, and trips to the printers while optimizing printer uptime. 

Secure Encrypted Farm-to-You Tunnel for access to your entire command centre when you want from wherever you are. No websockets. 

Works with Auto Print Ejection of any type from the VAAPR print bed system to custom wipe sequences to belt printers. Even works with manual part removal so you can run printers any way you want.

Printer Agnostic allowing you to use the printers you already have. No need to buy new hardware, you simply need USB port access and Marlin firmware and you are good to go.

Compatible with Peripherals including ABL (autobed levelling), filament out, MMU, and more. 

Supports Multiple Printers on a Single Raspberry Pi or Quinly Wireless Hub

AUTOMATION: 25¢/print-hour
Operational procedures are fully automated through the Command Centre. Orders and jobs are automatically scheduled, dispatched, and tracked using SmartTags, optimizing both farm and printer capacity. Record keeping, QC, and marketing content is simplified through the use of queued timelapse and video while everything is monitored around the clock with 24/7 spaghetti detection. The central dashboard instantly alerts you to changes in printer status so you always know when printers are in trouble or sitting idle. And, you only pay for automation when it is running the printers. No charge when printers are suspended or waiting for parts to be removed, idle or waiting for a new job, in error mode due to spaghetti, filament out or other issue, or offline.