Algix ALGA Algae Based PLA - Sage - 1kg 1.75mm

$34.99 USD
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Algix ALGA Algae Based PLA - Sage - 1kg 1.75mm

$34.99 USD
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ALGA filament is 100% biodegradable and is the perfect material for prototyping, educational and design or artistic projects inspired by nature. ALGA parts also releases nitrogen into soil so your prints can even aid in nitrogen fixation.

New formulation! Additional bioplastic component optimizes ALGA for 3D printing.

  • Improved strength and reduced brittleness
  • Algae content produces an Earthy color palette
  • Optimized for FDM
  • Texture of finished parts resembles bone, sandstone, or wood
  • 100% biodegradable, environmentally sustainable, & non-toxic
  • Produces no harmful UFP’s and aids in nitrogen fixation
  • Heated bed not required

Comes on 1KG Eco-friendly spool. Select colors are in stock now and shipping same day.

ALGA 3D printer filament is an optimized PLA combined with nuisance algae that has been removed from the environment, creating a markedly sustainable material by helping to keep the ecology in balance through remediation. ALGA features an earthy color palette and has a unique texture that resembles bone, sandstone, or wood.

The algae used in ALGA is collected from lakes, ponds, and waterways using dissolved air flotation (DAF). This process not only removes invasive algae from the environment, it also reintroduces oxygen into the system benefiting native aquatic life.