AutoFarm3D - Unlimited Printing 1-Year Pro Plan

$947.00 USD
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AutoFarm3D - Unlimited Printing 1-Year Pro Plan

$947.00 USD
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Print 24/7 without worrying about hourly rates.

  • 1 Year AF3D + 3 power slots - $1560 $947 (save 39%)
  • 1 Year AF3D + 5 power slots - $2280 $1,197 (save 42%)
  • 1 Year AF3D + 10 power slots - $4080 $1,997 (save 51%)
  • 1 Year AF3D + 100 power slots - $36,480 $3,997 (save 89%)

100 printer option upgrades you to Autofarm3D Enterprise

What's included?

  • AutoFarm3D Pro 1-year annual license ($480 value)
  • Connect up to 25 printers at no extra cost
  • Unlimited printing for 3/5/10/100 printers (normally $30/month/printer)
  • 50 free hours per month included

How does this work? A quick example.

Let's assume you chose the 5 power slot plan. That means you can have up to 5 printers actively printing at the same time at no extra cost.

If you then start printing on a 6th printer, only that printer will start using automation hours, which are currently available at a rate of 9¢ per hour.  

To choose a plan that's right for you, estimate how many printers you normally have running at the same time, then choose the plan closest to that number. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

The fine print

This offer is a one-time payment with no recurring costs.

At the end of 1 year, you can choose to purchase another year.

This 1 year license expires on Dec 5, 2023.

Purchase with the same email as your Quinly account for the license to be automatically applied. If purchasing with a different email, or the license doesn't appear, please contact us and we'll manually apply it to your account.