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Jeremy Owens

"I am just extremely satisfied with their support and find it fits my need perfectly (I am usually away from home 3-5 nights in a 7 day week and my wife is tired of resetting my printer)."


Charlie Cook

"This print bed is by far the best you will find. On my first print, the part slid off the bed once cooled before the gantry even came near the part. The 3d printed models fit right to the printer with ease. I could not be happier with this DIY kit."

K. Schaffer

"Ditch the bed surface and upgrade to a VAAPR bed made by 3DQue.com . You won't have the mess of glue sticks and hair spray to always clean up. It just works . Check it out and believe me you won't be sorry that you did. I have been one of the first customers for the original Quinly kit and will never go back to another surface like before. The real benefit I just know the prints are going to stick and come out Amazing !! Better quality prints . Quinly makes everything easy for the hobbyist."

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