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The only virtual operator that runs your 3D Printer autonomously for 24/7 continuous printing. Reduce your labour as much as 97%, while increasing your throughput by 2-4 times! Simply the easiest way to bring high volume production home.

Key Features

Quinly- Automated Print Management

Now you can schedule days worth of print jobs in a single sitting. Quinly includes a storage drive for easy access to your favorite prints. Select the parts you want, the quantity you need and let Quinly manage the queue. You'll still need to change filament but maybe it's time to switch to bigger spools!

Virtual Operator

Quinly is an easy-to-install virtual operator that harnesses the power of Ultimaker’s advanced features such as auto bed leveling, extensive material compatibility, enclosed environmental controls, and dual material capability to consistently produce high quality parts at scale.

Management can monitor printers, visually check on progress through live video feeds, and get real-time reporting on completed jobs, prints in-progress and next in queue. The result is a high performance industrial printer that is smart enough to continuously run itself without human intervention.


Increase Throughput and Cut Costs

Third party testers and customers report that Quinly reduces labour as much as 97%, resulting in a 2X-4X increase in throughput. By adding the S5 Pro Bundle, 3DQue expects to see even greater productivity increases because tasks such as filament switching are eliminated.

Seamlessly Integrated Automation Hardware

The VAAPR Print Bed maintains such high adhesion during printing that the largest parts stay firmly in place. Once the job is done, the cooled VAAPR Print Bed completely releases the part, allowing it to be gently guided down the print bed into the collection area. No ramming, no scraping, no flexing, no sheet to remove.

Includes Unlimited Use of Basic Software/ Live Support

As part of your Quinly upgrade, you get a software activation key, giving you unlimited use of Quinly basic software.

Furthermore, get live support any time, as our 3DQue employees are ready to answer any questions you may have.