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3DQue Systems hosts livestreams every week, on topics that range from holiday prints, to sharing tips and experiences with printing engineering materials.

Find us on Youtube, Wednesdays at 5:30 PM PST.

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Faster, Cooler, Easier: Automated 3D Printing for Models, Props & Cosplay

3DQue co-founders Mateo Pekic and Steph Sharp have a lively discussion with James (Head of Content) and Mike (Lead Editor) from the YouTube channel ‘Honey Badger 3D Print and Paint’. Watch as they share their secrets of printing cool models quickly, while still having amazing quality prints. This stream is a broadcast of an earlier stream with live commentary. A surprise guest kicks off the stream to show how 3D printing can inspire even the youngest of makers.

3D Printing With Nylon, TPU, PET-G, Polycarbonate, and Polypropylene

Join in the discussion as we explore the mods required to get high quality, continuous printing using the VAAPR bed with Nylon, Polypropylene, TPU, PETG and Polycarbonate. For each material, we will discuss everything from upgrading your printer to first layer tips and tricks.

3D Printing for the Holidays w/Special Guests

Join 3DQue's livestream, where our co-founders will be interviewing various 3D printing entrepreneurs who print for the holidays. Learn about how they got their start, how the business has grown with COVID, and the challenges that they face.

Learn from the experts about how you can get started with your own 3D printing business, and tips and tricks for getting the best Christmas prints!

3D Printing for Fun and Profit w/Special Guests: Gaming Accessories

With COVID still among us and winter fast approaching, many people are spending more time at home. Learn how you can turn 3D printing into a sustainable business.

Join 3DQue co-founder Mateo Pekic and co-host Kevin Heieis as they explore the world of 3D printing for gaming. We will be featuring different Etsy businesses who are excited to share their story.

Testing the Limits for the 3DQue Variable Adhesion (VAAPR) Print Bed

Join 3DQue co-founder Mateo Pekic as he tests the limits of 3D printed part adhesion and removal using the VAAPR Print Bed. He will put it through its paces, testing the tallest, widest and heaviest parts. Get a sneak peak of what the auto release can handle.

Prepare your Prints for Automation + Preview of 3DQue Looping Software

Join 3DQue co-founder Mateo Pekic as he talks about how you can get your prints ready for continuous printing. In this interactive session, Mateo will talk about key steps that will maximize your throughput when you turn your 3D printer into a high-volume microfactory.

For the FIRST TIME EVER, Mateo will provide a glimpse of our very own Quinly (previously, 3DQue Print Looping) Software.

How to Assemble Quinly (previously the 3DQue Looping Kit) for Ender 3

Join 3DQue co-founder, Mateo Pekic talks about the 3DQue looping kit for Ender 3. In this interactive session, Mateo will show how to assemble the looping kit with your current Ender 3 and answer questions about how to operate the kit.

Mateo will talk about how you can solve your printing frustrations and upgrade your current 3D printer into an automated micro-factory!

How we Printed 897 Face Shields in 5 Days

Join 3DQue co-founder, Mateo Pekic talks about achieving 1,000 hours of continuous printing in just 5 days using his automated print looping technology. In this interactive session, Mateo will answer questions about how one operator spent less than 3 hours running the 9 printers full-time for 5 days to produce 897 face shield visors.

Mateo will talk about how his frustration with being tied to his printers "24/7 + evenings and weekends" led to the invention of his automated part release system completely controlled by software.

Quinly Announcement!