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3DQue Systems hosts livestreams every week, on topics that range from holiday prints, to sharing tips and experiences with printing engineering materials.

Find us on Youtube, Wednesdays at 5:30 PM PST.

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Can You 3D Print a 4x4 Shelf in a Week?

Prusa MK3 Automation Upgrade - Quinly for Prusa Launch!

Have fun, win filament, and make your own shelving unit! This week we're bringing back one of our favourite livestreams we've done in the past - a multi-day print-along challenge. Join us as we attempt to print a handy cubby shelf in only 7 days.

This week Mateo and Leah demonstrated the setup of our BRAND NEW Quinly Automation Kit for Prusa!

Raspberry Pi Camera Automation Upgrade for Ender 3!

50 ENDER 3s?! What I wish I knew before building an automated print farm

This week Mateo and Leah upgraded a 3D printer with Quinly's newest mod - the Raspberry Pi Cam! They discussed future Quinly upgrades and showed the camera in action.

On this week's livestream 3DQue founder Mateo Pekic and Quinly product leader Steven McCulloch shared 10 things they wish they knew before setting building a 50 printer print farm!

FIRST EVER 3DQue Print Along Challenge - 10 Minute Recap

DyzEnd Pro Hotend and Extruder Review - 15 Minute Recap

Join us this week for the recap of our FIRST EVER 3DQue Print Along Challenge livestream! We released a challenging STL file and competed against viewers to see who would win Fastest Print, Most Beautiful Print, Most Popular, and Most Spectacular Fail.

Watch this livestream recap as Mateo sets one of our 3D printers up with an expensive Dyze hotend and extruder, to begin a stress test of 1000 hours!