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About 3DQue Medical Inc.

3DQue Medical Inc. is an initiative of a Vancouver-based 3D printing startup* in response to the supply chain shortages and disruptions caused by the global pandemic COVID-19. 

3DQue Medical uses innovative 3D printing technologies to provide high volume, on demand solutions for medical devices. All products are proudly manufactured in Canada.

“We are dedicated to a resilient manufacturing infrastructure. The technology we use provides resilient manufacturing infrastructure that can be instantly redeployed digitally for future emergencies,”says Stephanie Sharp, CEO of 3DQue System Inc.

Long-term sustainability has always been a key focus for us, and we embedded the spirit in our research and development from the beginning. The PLA plastics that 3DQue Medical uses to print products are made from sustainably-sourced raw materials, including such as corn, tapioca, and cane sugar. 3DQue Medical components are designed to be durable and reusable to minimize single-use waste while staying healthy and safe.

*3DQue System Inc. and 3DQue Medical Inc.

In response to the supply chain disruption caused by COVID, Vancouver-based 3D printing startup, 3DQue System Inc., has pivoted in the past few months with a new initiative, 3DQue Medical. The new production line focuses on providing on demand hygiene solutions, specifically tackling COVID-19 challenges, for individuals and businesses.

If you or your organization is interested in securing your PPE supply or touch-free hygiene solutions, we'd love to hear from you