3D Printer Auto-Ejection Kit

$179.00 USD
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3D Printer Auto-Ejection Kit

$179.00 USD
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VAAPR™ bed an tilt kit for reliable gravity assisted part release. 


  • 1x VAAPR bed
  • 1x Tilt kit

1. VAAPR Bed

The VAAPR (Variable Adhesion for Automated Part Release) print bed has been in development for 7 years resulting in a bed that provides frictionless part release for 3D prints of all shapes in sizes in a wide variety of materials. When the bed cools down, prints detach from the bed and slide right off with a gentle nudge.

  • Each bed is tested before shipping. 
  • Each bed comes with a VAAPR care kit for cleaning and refreshing the surface.
  • Each bed has double-sided adhesive pre-applied for easy application to any surface.
  • Works with most 3D printing materials. See the full list here
  • Ambient room temperature needs to be 20-25°C for reliable adhesion and release.

Size list for common printer brands

186x186 Prusa Mini
Artillery Genius
Ender 3
225x255 Prusa MK3S+
CR10, CR10S, Sidewinder X1/X2
CR10 V2/V3


Prusa MK4 beta is starting soon. Sign up for beta testing here

2. Tilt Kit

When the print is finished, some parts just need a little help to slide off the VAAPR bed. Gravity is the perfect option for consistent, cost effective, reliable, and natural part removal assistance. Freely available, and easy to install, gravity saves energy, too.

Tilting your 3D printer makes automatic part-ejection more reliable, and has no effect on print quality. 

Some printers have open gaps that parts may get stuck into as they are ejected. Your tilt kit may also contain part guides that cover any areas where prints could get caught as they slide off the bed.

Includes all the fasteners required for installation.

3. System Requirements

1. AutoFarm3D software for reliable, repeatable part release. This software is specifically designed to work with you ABL system to protect the VAAPR print bed from damage. Occasionally, accidents do happen so active subscriptions include the VAAPR bed replacement policy (see https://docs.3dque.com/docs/hardware-installation/vaapr-replacement for details).

2. Microcontroller - Your printer needs more computing power to handle automation. We recommend the Raspberry Pi 4 2GB or the Print Farm Hub

3. ABL (auto bed levelling) - Recommended to protect your VAAPR print bed. AutoFarm3D is compatible with a variety of ABL solutions including BLTouch, CRTouch, and induction probe.