VAAPR Print Bed

$129.00 USD
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VAAPR Print Bed

$129.00 USD
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The VAAPR (Variable Adhesion for Automated Part Release) print bed has been in development for 7 years resulting in a bed that provides frictionless part release for 3D prints of all shapes in sizes in a wide variety of materials.
  • Each bed is tested before shipping. 
  • Each bed comes with a VAAPR care kit for cleaning and refreshing the surface.
  • Each bed has double-sided adhesive pre-applied for easy application to any surface.
  • Ambient room temperature needs to be 20-25°C for reliable adhesion and release.

What is VAAPR made of?

We can't reveal the formula, but to give you a hint, it is not rebranded G10/FR4, it is not glass, and it is not a PEI coating. It is unlike any other print surface available on the market today.

Please measure the actual size of your print bed before placing an order. Use a ruler or measuring tape. Do not rely on a printer's advertised "build volume" as this is usually different from the actual size of the bed.

Lifetime Warranty & VAAPR Replacement Policy

Lifetime Guarantee against manufacturing defects. And if you damage your bed, replacements beds are available at a discounted price. See our VAAPR Replacement Policy page for more details

VAAPR is NOT required to run AutoFarm3D. AutoFarm3D works with almost all FDM 3D printers, automated or not.

Size list for common printer brands

186x186 Prusa Mini
220x220 Artillery Genius
235x235 Ender 3
225x255 Prusa MK3S+
310x310 CR10, CR10S, Sidewinder X1/X2
310x320 CR10 V2/V3

Need a custom size? Send us an email or join our Discord server.