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Automated 3D Printing – Achieve 24/7 Automation With 3DQue’s Quinly

Automated 3D Printing – Achieve 24/7 Automation With 3DQue’s Quinly
At 3DQue's live event, Mateo Pekic, company co-founder and CIO, announced Quinly, the upgrade kit that sets printer operators free by making 3D printers run autonomously. Quinly includes hardware and software for a remote print start, automated part release and printer reset. 

1,000 Hours of Continuous 3D Printing

Face Shields 1,000 Hours
3DQue has set a new record for the industry. The Vancouver-based startup printed 897 parts in 1,000 hours straight, autonomously, non-stop, for five days. When printers can run for 24 hours straight, impressive print volumes can be achieved, an ability that has proven to be crucial during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

The Next Move for Supply Chains: Real-time Production in the Post-COVID World

3DQue Automated Manufacturing Unit - QPoD
Once the COVID-19 crisis ends, we are facing an unprecedented period of economic uncertainty as companies and countries get back to work. What parts will be needed and when? Where will supplies come from?  It is difficult to know whether the economy will regain some sense of normalcy or whether we will all have to adapt to a “new normal”. It is still too early to tell. So now is the time to explore the question:  What can we do now to prepare for an uncertain future?