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Mateo's Mod Mondays: Using Simplify3D With Quinly

Mateo's Mod Mondays: Using Simplify3D With Quinly

This week’s mod is a little different from previous mods I’ve talked about here. Instead of a physical mod to your printer, this is a modification of what software you use for your workflow. The latest update to Quinly’s software grants support for Simplify3D slicing, and taking advantage of that can seriously improve your Quinly experience. For many makers, professionals, and educators Simplify3D provides essential tools they use for their slicing needs. Now you can slice your STLs and 3MFs with Cura or Simplify3D to get the best prints possible looping on Quinly.

Simplify3D is premium software that offers some advantages over the free competition. For $149 USD, you get access to advanced tools in gcode generation including scripts at specific layers, custom support settings, and many other features that can help your gcode files become as consistent and efficient as possible. You also get the added benefit of access to the Simplify3D support team if you have problems with the software. With this, in addition to 3DQue’s support team, you can be sure that whatever your problem is, there will be experts available to get your system up and running again.

Simplify3D makes it easy to print parts individually like these gears, so they can be knocked off together with Quinly.

To set up Simplify3D with Quinly, you only need to remove start and end gcode from your Quinly printer’s profile. You can then send this gcode to Quinly and it will handle the rest! When you run the file, Quinly will heat, print, and bed clear just as it does for all your existing gcode. For nozzle priming, personal preference plays a large role. My personal favourite is to use a three line skirt set the nozzle’s diameter from the print. That means that for a standard 0.4mm nozzle, I would set the skirt distance to 0.4mm. This way, the skirt primes the nozzle before the print, gets pushed off the bed along with the print by Quinly, and is easy to remove from the print without tools.

With Quinly on the raspberry pi and Simplify3D on your computer, running great prints is even easier.

With Simplify3D, Quinly now has even more capabilities for getting amazing prints, one after the other! So, with Simplify3D now supported, what will you print? Send us your creations on our social media @3dquesystems!


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