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Mateo's Mod Mondays: How Bed Cooling Improves Your Quinly Experience

Mateo's Mod Mondays: How Bed Cooling Improves Your Quinly Experience

This week, I’m going to talk about an upgrade that was developed by one of our employees here at 3DQue specifically for Quinly. It reduces your cooling times and allows you to run more prints with your existing quinly kit. From our testing, the bed cooling fan upgrade can cut your cooldown times in half. This allows you to run even more prints on Quinly and make the most out of your machine. This has the potential to massively increase your yields as the bed clears faster after the print is completed without any negative effect on heat up or printing performance. The mod requires wires, a switch, a 24V fan, and some soldering. The build is detailed in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uvf4F8cTjzo

The bed cooling mod using a 24V blower fan.

Because the VAAPR bed has the potential to print advanced, high temperature materials, the bed can be heated up to 115oC during prints, and could benefit from faster cool down to get back to bed clearing temperature. The upgrade makes adventuring into more advanced materials even more accessible because now it won’t eat into your print time nearly as much. And for those already experienced in the use of these materials, it allows for more parts to be printed in less time, further pushing the efficiency benefits Quinly provides.

A larger fan can also be used for the same purpose.

The benefits of such a time saver can have a large impact on your own productivity, especially for printing shorter prints. By cutting the cooldown times in half or more, you save valuable time for printing more files. Running a 1 hour print with a 20 minute cooldown time for 10 hours overnight, you would wake up to 7 completed prints and one halfway done. With a 10 minute cooldown time, you would have 8 parts completed with one part over half way done. That’s a complete extra print from a small, simple upgrade. Running overnight, it’s increasing your productivity by as much as an entirely extra non-Quinly printer would.

The fan mod for Quinly gives you the freedom to make more in less time. If you’re using your printer for profit, you’ll appreciate the 15% increase in yields, if you’re just a hobbyist, you’ll benefit from the ability to make more parts for your project. The fan mod has far reaching benefits, and Quinly will surely appreciate the help cooling off.


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