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Mateo's Mod Monday: Webcam For Quinly!

Mateo's Mod Monday: Webcam For Quinly!

On our livestream this week, we showed off the newest addition to our Quinly software: webcam integration. This is a highly requested feature from our community and it is finally here! The update allows you to plug in a USB webcam or Raspberry Pi camera into Quinly and use the video feed to monitor your prints. This allows you to keep an eye on your printer status and be able to cancel or queue more prints without getting up to find your printer. This makes the Quinly system even more hands free, since you don’t have to stay next to the printer to make sure that everything is running properly. Along with this update, we are supplying a mount for a Raspberry Pi camera to give the best view of your print as it is being made. As the summer goes along, we have more plans for software upgrades using the webcam, so having the perfect angle will be crucial


Our custom webcam mount allows for a good view of your prints.

The webcam will be viewable from the same interface you already use to upload, queue, and run prints. This means that you will have access to the stream from anywhere in your home. This will make it easier to monitor your prints when printing in an enclosure which some materials find helpful. Combined with the VAAPR bed’s great adhesion and release, you’ll be able to print many hours of materials like ABS stress-free! The webcam also makes it easier to run printers that are in basements or crawl spaces, where it is often a lot of work to go down to the printer to monitor it. The Quinly kit is all about reducing work for the print operator, so having a trouble free method to look at your printer adds a lot to the experience that we are aiming for.

With a Pi cam or USB webcam, you can print from anywhere in your home. Printing won’t make you leave the dinner table early because you can see what’s happening on your printer from your phone or laptop. When combined with Quinly, it will drastically cut down on the time you have to spend with your printer in order to get the prints that you want. More printing with less effort, it’s what we are about here at 3DQue.

Have you installed a webcam on your Quinly system? Send us your setup on social media and we may show it on one of our weekly livestreams!


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