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PolyLock Bed

Mateo's Mod Monday: PolyLock Bed

When it comes to 3D Printer upgrades and modifications, there are few as popular as new print surfaces. Most buildplates that come with printers are alright, but they wear quickly and aren’t effective for use with all print materials. It’s for this reason you likely have already purchased new print surfaces, or potentially even amassed a collection of them for your printers. With the new bed surface we announced on our livestream this week, though, we think you will be able to do away with swapping beds and applying adhesive. The PolyLock bed serves the purpose of many beds, with characteristics that stay consistent across a range of different materials. With this bed upgrade, you will be able to print whatever material you want while maintaining good stick and easy release. This new bed improves even further upon the technology we’ve been developing at 3DQue and it has the ability to massively improve your printer experience.

We based the PolyLock bed off of our existing VAAPR bed so it does have some characteristics in common. The difference is that without the need for automation we could increase the adhesion of PolyLock, giving it an even larger margin for error with print tuning. We are also offering PolyLock in many sizes so you can almost definitely find one that suits your printer setup. If you don’t see one that fits, send an email to and we might begin offering that size when we do the full release! You have the option to purchase just the bed for clipping on to your heatbed or you can buy adhesive with it to stick it firmly to your printer or a spring steel sheet. Once attached, PolyLock will firmly grasp onto any 3D Printing polymer you throw at it, then release at around 300C for most materials. All of this performance without any wear or added adhesives. If you take care of it, your PolyLock bed will likely outlast the 3D Printer you mount it to!



The 235x235mm bed is compatible with a wide variety of printers.


So, if you have been struggling with getting the right adhesion on your prints, or are getting frustrated with parts that just won’t release, a PolyLock bed might be the upgrade you need. Print with PETG, PolyCarbonate, and ABS trouble free, and leave a glass smooth surface on the bottom of your prints. All of this without any complex setup or special adhesives overtop, it just works. If you want to purchase a PolyLock bed, you can go to our presale at And finally, make sure to send pictures of your prints with PolyLock to our social media page for a chance to be featured in our livestreams!


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