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Mateo’s Mod Mondays: DIY Quinly

Mateo’s Mod Mondays: DIY Quinly

Last week we had our second livestream in our new office and also launched a brand new product! For those of you that missed it, we launched a DIY version of Quinly and walked our new intern Leah through the setup for the first time. The DIY Quinly is just like our existing Quinly for Ender 3 except it uses all printed parts instead of the aluminum extrusion we used before. It also is designed for you to print out all of the parts to make it while the hardware is shipping to your address. Before the livestream, Leah had printed all the parts in FormFutura Ocean Blue PLA to show that you can really make this kit however you want. No material or colour is out of bounds and you can truly make Quinly your own.


When we came into the office we were greeted with these prints from the printer we set up on the livestream.


We made the DIY kit because we heard from the community that they wanted a lower cost version of the Quinly kit for Ender 3. We also noticed that people were only using certain parts from the kit to suit their unique, modified Ender 3s. We aimed to tackle both of these issues when planning and designing DIY Quinly. We stripped everything back in the kit so that now people can get everything they need to set up Quinly with no extra parts they won’t use. As an added benefit, the lack of aluminum and large parts in the kit lowers the environmental impacts of shipping significantly. This new improved design does not mean we are going to stop offering the traditional Quinly with its strong aluminum base and premium pre printed parts. Instead, we are just giving another option more focused to the home user who just wants to be able to print more and print easier!


The hardware that's included in a DIY Quinly kit.


The DIY kit consists of a genuine VAAPR bed surface uniquely formulated for good part release as well as all the part STLs, hardware instructions, and software you’ll need to get Quinly running. You can print the kit parts however you like, PLA and ABS are likely the choices most people will be going with, and you can print those on any existing Quinly kit and have a very easy time getting all the parts made. Alternatively, any normal Ender 3 is also perfectly capable of printing these parts, albeit with a little more effort for the print operator. 


Leah's Ocean Blue DIY Quinly ready for automated print jobs.


So finally! The product that many of you have been asking for has been released. What material will you print it in? Send us photos of your completed Quinly setups on our social media and we might share your creations on an upcoming stream!


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