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Automated 3D Printing – Achieve 24/7 Automation With 3DQue’s Quinly

Automated 3D Printing – Achieve 24/7 Automation With 3DQue’s Quinly

Quinly Ender 3 Upgrade Kit


Say Goodbye to Endless Waiting, Scraping, and Resetting 

VANCOUVER, Canada, Oct. 15, 2020 (3DQue Systems) - 3DQue Systems, known for automating the networks of 3D printers, is now offering their proprietary technology. Individual printer operators will now be able to autonomously print multiple jobs. 

Today, at 3DQue's live event, Mateo Pekic, company co-founder and CIO, announced Quinly, the upgrade kit that sets printer operators free by making 3D printers run autonomously. Quinly includes hardware and software for a remote print start, automated part release and printer reset. Pekic declared a limited number of Quinly kits are available for presale starting October 19th. 

Achieving more from your 3D Printer 

3DQue has been utilizing its continuous automation technology since May, to print face shields and other manufactured products. In the Livestream, 3DQue team members discussed having just completed their 3D printing stress test to push their autonomous remote printing to 1,000 hours on 9 machines in 5 days.

Mateo Pekic explained, “At 3DQue, we don’t need to babysit our printers all day and night.” As 3D printing operators themselves, they understand the barrier of efficiency and convenience when it comes to 3D printing. 

In 3D printing, the referenced time-frame includes machine hours but usually fails to take into account operator time. Nor the annoyance of being situated next to the machine at the very start and end of the printing process. The Quinly kit’s remote access software and self-releasing bed mean you can print anything, anytime, from anywhere.“ We don’t want you to work for your printer, We want your printer to work for you” states Mateo.

During the recent thousand-hour test, 3DQue was able to print 897, face shields, with less than 3 hours spent refilling filament and checking nozzles. This is far less than the 100+ hours that would normally be spent checking printers, removing parts, reapplying adhesive, and uploading files. Now, 3DQue System's production efficiency and capability are available to anyone who owns an Ender 3. 

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