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3DQue Medical reusable face shield

One 3DQue’s Automated Production Unit Prints 2016 Face Shield Frames Weekly

3DQue Systems creates a digital manufacturing unit capable of producing 100,000 parts a year, taking up no more space than a large bookshelf.

According to Steph Sharp, CEO of 3DQue Systems Inc., the technology behind the company's digital production system is the foundation for distributed manufacturing of plastic parts that meet the quality, delivery and cost targets for businesses ranging from health services providers to instrumentation and remote monitoring equipment manufacturers. 3DQue’s advanced manufacturing technology allows companies to bypass the lengthy and expensive process of injection moulding plastic parts. End-users simply order a part from the digital warehouse and the in-house manufacturing unit mass produces quality parts on-demand, autonomously delivering components 24 hours per day. 

3DQue is the one-stop for businesses looking to secure their supply chain by making the necessary transition to digital production”, says Sharp.

Additive manufacturing technologies and services that incorporate steps from design and testing to production and in-house installations are especially important for businesses that are trying to navigate through these confusing and uncertain times. 

Supporting Frontline Workers Under COVID-19

Currently 3DQue Medical (“3DQM”) has joined in on efforts to 3D print Personal Protective Equipment (“PPE”) with the local 3D Printing community. Since March 2020, 3DQM has designed, produced and distributed products to address shortages, including face shields (IO issued), ear savers (IO issued), disinfecting units for face shields and ear savers (IO in the process), COVID-19 test swabs (pending regulatory approval), and hands-free hand sanitizer pumps (in endurance testing process). 3DQM is currently digitally manufacturing face shields at a rate of 1,000 per week per QPoD (our digital manufacturing system). The current order is allocated to the UBC School of Medicine, Department of Family Medicine. Remaining QPoDs are currently producing products for other customers.

This kind of volume has only been possible due to the automated digital system that allows the printers to continuously run without human intervention. Unlike traditional 3D printing, our printer operators do not scrape, remove, and reset printers after each print, reducing the amount of printer downtime. Most printers that are available in the market would take about 10 hours to print only 10 shields, still having to scrape parts off and reset the printer every hour.


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